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Mike Wachtel, CEO of GREENspot teaches elementary school students about the importance of recycling e-waste

Did you know most recyclers charge you a fee to come and collect your e-waste. Why not? You don't want to go all the way down to the recycler to get rid of that old computer. Hey we cant blame you. That's why we developed GREENspot DROPoff.

At GREENspot DROPoff we've partnered with businesses, and the recyclers to make e-waste disposal easy and free for you! Just go to your local GREENspot DROPoff location, sign out your e-waste by filling out the DROPoff Log (it's the law) and DROPoff those old electrical items. It's that easy! But more than easy, it's free for you!

GREEN2 Fundraising

Our goal at GREENspot DROPoff is to go beyond free and convenient recycling—to help our communities while helping the environment. So more than just a convenient DROPoff network, we've partnered with local schools and charities to help raise money. We call it our GREEN2 program—charities get GREEN while going GREEN. Get it?

A History

Barry Keyes, Founder of GREENspot accepts the 2010 Collector of the Year Award at IERC

GREENspot DROPoff was started in 2009 by founder Barry Keyes to provide Californians with a free, convenient and responsible way to dispose of e-waste. GREENspot took the hassle out of recycling by creating a large network of drop off locations that was within 5 miles of most Californians.

Our Mission

Our mission at GREENspot is to:

Environmental Pledge

Our committment to the environment comes first and foremost. That's why we only use E-Stewards and R2 certified recyclers who do not ship material overseas and maintain a zero landfill policy. For more information on our environmental policies, click HERE.

GREENspot DROPoff collects e-waste (electronic waste) such as computers, monitors, televisions, flat screen monitors, laptops, and most miscellanous e-waste. GREENspot proudly serves the entire State of California, including Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Stockton, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County, Fresno, San Fernando Valley areas. GREENspot serves the major metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio in Texas.