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What is e-waste?

Think of e-waste as anything that you need to plug in that you want to throw out. Items that are classified as e-waste (things with circuit boards) are not allowed in the trash, and need to be properly recycled and repurposed by state law. But more than what's legal, it's the GREEN thing to do! At GREENspot, we help you recycle the following items for FREE:

Fax Machines
Computer Monitors
Optical Drives
PC Boards
DVD Players
VCR / Beta
Cables & Cords
Computer Mice
Stereo Components
Hard Drives
Tape & Zip Drives

What can't I drop off?

We do not accept kitchen appliances like microwaves. Please be sure to contact us if you have a question on what items will be accepted. Click HERE for a more complete list.

Is there a fee to recycle my e-waste?

If you DROPoff your e-waste at a GREENspot DROPoff location, there is absolutely no cost! Click HERE to find your GREENspot DROPoff location. If you want us to PICKup your e-waste, click HERE to request an e-waste PICKup.

Where can I find the e-waste log?

Want to save time? Click HERE to print out an e-waste log form. Fill it out and give it to a representative at our GREENspot DROPoff location when you DROPoff your e-waste.

Why do I need to fill out an e-waste log?

In order to remain in compliance with State and Federal regulations, GREENspot requires that an e-waste log be filled out at the point of DROPoff. The information provided to GREENspot is strictly confidential and is provided only to certain state regulatory bodies that require it (such as the DTSC and CalRecycle).

What if I can't print out the form, or don't want to give my information online?

If you are not able to or do not want to fill out the form online, you can provide your name, address and phone number at our GREENspot DROPoff location.

Do you collect any cell phones and/or ink cartridges?

Yes. Our friends at Greensense have supplied boxes to collect ink cartridges, toner and cell phones at each GREENspot location. Just bring it to you local GREENspot and notify the attendant.

If you still have more questions about the State requirements for e-waste recycling, just click HERE for more information.

GREENspot DROPoff collects e-waste (electronic waste) such as computers, monitors, televisions, flat screen monitors, laptops, and most miscellanous e-waste. GREENspot proudly serves the entire State of California, including Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Stockton, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County, Fresno, San Fernando Valley areas. GREENspot serves the major metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio in Texas.