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Every GREENspot location has bins (called gaylords) that are used for the collection of e-waste. When these fill up, we pick up the material and bring it to a certified recycler. We work with multiple recyclers that service particular geographic regions which helps us reduce our environmental footprint.


Once the material arrives at the facility, it is sorted by item type. Devices containing cathode ray tubes are processed in one line and most other electronic devices are processed in another. Some recyclers dismantle the electronic devices and further sort into circuit boards, ferrous metals, plastics, etc. CRT devices are dismantled and sent downstream to a facility that specializes in removing lead from the CRT glass panel.

Data Destruction

Hard drives are always removed and destroyed. While every recycler has a different method of doing this, two of the most common methods are:

  • Crushing the hard drives in a ten ton process
  • Shredding the hard drives
  • Shredding

    After sorting and dismantling the electronic waste, the material is usually shredded in to pieces about the size of a quarter. This material is further seperated by machine process and if necessary, sent downstream for further processing.


    Once the material is processed, it is sent to manufacturers and other buyers for reuse in new products. The exception is CRT glass. Even though the lead is removed from the glass, it will still contain trace amounts of lead and cannot be used in most consumer products. Typically, this material is sold to manufacturers who will reuse the glass when manufacturing new CRT devices.

    GREENspot DROPoff collects e-waste (electronic waste) such as computers, monitors, televisions, flat screen monitors, laptops, and most miscellanous e-waste. GREENspot proudly serves the entire State of California, including Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Stockton, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County, Fresno, San Fernando Valley areas. GREENspot serves the major metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio in Texas.